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We, the learning in retirement members of our enjoyable Sage Society, have many diverse interests that challenge our curriculum committee to regularly present a balanced agenda.

But it often puzzles me that so many choices offered relate to the past: past history, literature of the past, music and art of the past. Yes, many interesting topics are offered as well, but because so many our members are so intelligent and well versed in so much, I continually wonder why most of the classes offered are not about the important issue of today. This surely must be science–the sciences of everything could dominate the agenda!

Science can not only be difficult, it can also be depressing. It is, indeed, an inconvenient truth to get people to understand the earth science that is needed to help this planet begin to heal the slights of human overuse.

To vent my angst I offer this to my SAGE friends who are apt to give a rebuttal.

Earthʼs Anger

Call a God anything you want
But know this:
Gaia is good and mad

Sheʼs shaking our planet
Like crazy

Breathing on the pristine white
Top and bottom of us as the innocent
Polar mother loses sight of her cub

As cows she never made
Eat grass where the forests she made
Became furniture for
People sheʼs so sorry she made
Sheʼs got them
Knocking each other out

With words of advanced killing weaponry
Taken from the soil where her microcosms
Know enough to keep things even
Some will call it like Noahʼs ark
After the bombs and bashing
Finish thinning us out

Hope that she has no idea of
Daring an asteroid
To do the clean up
Because sheʼs so dam mad
At this age of stupid

–Bette Simons

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